Kellie & Nick

A day they will always remember

Just a few short weeks before their wedding day, Kellie and Nick found themselves having to scramble to find a new photographer, a task they were not expecting and one that I am sure made them a little nervous. Not living in the Niagara Falls area, they turned to the web and found ZOLA, the website for Bride and Grooms to help them plan their one-of-a-kind wedding day. Kellie sends me an email asking for information about my services. And just a few days later, we were getting to know each other over the phone and planning their photo timeline. Daylight savings time was approaching. With the ceremony beginning at 4 pm, I knew I would need to hustle to get them all the outdoor, Niagara Falls photos they traveled for. Over the next few weeks, I watched as the days got shorter and shorter. Before we knew it, the sun was setting at 4:30 pm! I had been so excited and honored to be chosen and trusted to give them beautiful images of their most special day, and now I was nervous about how much light we would have to work with. It was also getting colder outside and I knew without the sun, we would not be able to stay outside for too long with the mist blowing on us, so I gave Kellie a call to run some ideas by her and Nick. Kellie and Nick were absolutely amazing! Having never met me, they continued to trust that my ideas and request to start an hour earlier was no problem at all for them, and what a magical day it was! Nick and Kellie are the sweetest couple! You can feel it when you are with them. You can see it when you watch them interact. You can hear it in the stories that the family and friends shared about them. They truly are soulmates and best friends. They have an undeniable love for one another, and that is why even a cold, misty wedding day could be incredibly vibrant, warm, and joyful!

Kellie and Nick, in a world with more choices than ever, thank you for choosing me as your wedding photographer. I hope you love your images as much as I do and enjoy scrolling through some favorites from your day.